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We are a 501(c)3 non-profit org serving the community since 2015, discovering root causes behind each issue we are facing in daily lives through Master Lu's teaching and sharing inspirational stories of our members.

Master Lu, Jun Hong is the founder and president of 2OR Australia Oriental radio station, master of Chinese metaphysics, dream interpreter, and Buddhist teacher.  Master Lu was honored with World Peace Award(Buddhism) from the Unity of Faiths, UK in 2012, Ambassador of Peace Education at the UN headquarters in NY, World Ambassador for Peace from U.S. Congress 2014.  He has established Guan Yin Dharma Door and endeavored in helping people realize importance of spiritual practice and live a practical life that could effectively improve the health and everyday life.

Welcome to join our free vegetarian lunch and inspirational stories' telling of how to stay healthy.

Every other Sunday noon at 3999A Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94112 and 320 10th St #131, Oakland, CA 94607 respectively.

Every other Saturday afternoon at 1590 Oakland Rd Suite#B205, San Jose, CA 95131.

No donation is required.

Story 077 --- A dream and knee pain: Last night, I dreamed about a man with a mean face who was looking for me all around.  I hid in a dormitory building and as I was worried and anxious, I made a vow to offer 13 Little Houses (combination of Buddhism Scriptures, see below images) to my karmic creditors in dream.  Afterwards, I had planned to take a shower at the bathroom in dream.  When I returned to my room, I encountered the man. However, his attitude was completely different - he was very polite when he talked to me.  After I woke up from my dream, I reinforced my vow to my karmic creditors.  Later, at work, the pain in my knee just disappeared.

Story 103 --- Insomnia: 16 years ago, after an incident, I had suffered from chronic insomnia. I was only able to sleep for 2-3 hours every night and sometimes my insomnia lasted the whole night.  After the incident, my mind was always fuzzy and I often had no energy during the day.  I spent a lot of money on medication but it did not lead to any results.  I dreamed about live seafood that I had eaten chasing me.  The dream woke me up and I told my friend about it.  She reminded me that I needed to persist in my practice and offer Little Houses to my karmic creditors.  After months of recitation at no cost, I was able to sleep through the whole night without waking up.  I was so surprised and delighted!

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