Oakland Asian Culture Center Video Sharing Conference

Over 500 audiences attended Video Sharing of Master Lu Dharma Talk Totem Readings on Aug 26, 2018. The conference was full of joys and gratitude when people realized the importance of spiritual practice from the humorous and inspirational readings Master Lu provided on videos, and tasted free veggie refreshments.

Golden glory lights were found in pictures taken that day surrounded arms, heads & backs of practitioners and some of attendees. Master Lu noticed years ago in his free Totem Reading and Metaphysics hotline that in a few years, cameras with high pixies will catch God, Buddha, Ghost, Aliens & etc that exist in the spiritual world in pictures, and by that time, everyone can take a photo and diagnose herself/himself of who's asking for karmic debts which are the root reasons of the daily life problems including healthy issues, relationship problems, obstacles in careers, accidents & etc.

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